Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Upcoming Technological Advances in Nursing Case Study

Upcoming Technological Advances in Nursing - Case Study Example With all these related advances in technology, the professional culture of reflection, profound inquiries, and inter-professional collaborations will gear nursing as a whole towards success by the year 2025. Therefore, the whole field of nursing will be admirable and appreciable by many as patients will also enjoy the technology by getting the knowhow about various diseases, symptoms, causes and effects, drugs and methods of prevention and curing the diseases. Nurses too will enjoy many privileges and favors around. Technology has proven to every fundamental in the health care as a lot is being experienced in nursing. At work, nurses employ technology during care as long as they are within the clinical settings. Such settings where they can employ technology include; primary care, community, acute care, and long-term care so as to improve and come up with their clinical decisions and employ the most viable outcomes for clients they deal with (Huston, 2013). Another great change as far as technology is concerned is the health and wellness records of clients and family. Through technology, they are made to be in a position of reviewing and contributing positively to their health records, hence taking charge of anything that come about with relation to their wellbeing. Technology is very paramount within the nursing fraternity. When we talk about technology, automation comes in whereby computers and other machines are used in nearly everything that takes place. From the year 2025 and beyond a lot would have taken place technologically. Benefits will be experienced in staffing offices, census control, patient care, and determination of patient’s acuity.

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