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Essay on Conflicts in Sudan Genocide in Darfur - 1547 Words

The Republic of Sudan, or Sudan as it more commonly known, is currently in a state of crisis. Darfur, in western Sudan, is in the middle of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world right now. They are on the brink of genocide, the deliberate killing of a very large number of people from a particular ethnic group or background. Like Most civil wars the incidents have been occurring for over twenty years. The armed conflict began to get serious in February of 2003. It was then that the Sudanese government in cohorts with the Janjaweed militia engaged in civil strife with two rebel groups. The first of the rebel groups involved being the Liberation Movement Army/Movement (SLM/A), the second the Justice Equality Movement (JEW). The†¦show more content†¦The Sudan government has stated that any barbaric and inhumane acts in Darfur have been at the hands of the Janjaweed militia as a result of ethnic clashes. Their position contradicts with what Musa Hilal, a Janjaweed commande r, told a human rights activist on September 27, 2004 during an interview. He stated that all militia activity was not only government directed but government backed as well. Hilal claimed that all of the orders that he himself and his people carried out were from a field commander in the West. The main overlying command that he has received and passed along to his subordinated is to mobilize the people. According to him he has no idea who is responsible for the mass killings and raids. This seems ludicrous being as he has complete control over the entire region and its happenings. His position is a contradiction to eye witness accounts that place him in military uniform celebrating after a citizen attack. The Sudanese justice system has been ignoring the individuals responsible for the attacks and the crimes against humanity. In June of 2005 the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened their investigation from outside of Darfur of the situation there. The Prosecutor has not been b abe to gain access to Darfur to further conduct the investigation. This is in part a result of the Sudanese governments refusal to cooperate with the ICC on the grounds that it will deal with the prosecution of any of the individuals involve itself.Show MoreRelatedThe Conflict Of The United States855 Words   |  4 Pagesdefinition of genocide must of recently changed without many individuals being aware, unless the current ongoing pertinent issue did not want to be addressed in the twenty-first century. In the largest country in Africa, it is unimaginable that a genocide conducted by their government continues while the rest of the world does nothing. The largest country in Africa is Sudan, which is located on the northeastern side of Africa. The western region of Sudan is the primary focus, Darfur. This regionRead MoreMass Murder in Sudan852 Words   |  3 Pagesargue to what extent the mass murder in Sudan can be considered a genocide or a civil war. Resources will be referred to in order to support the argument and counter-argument. The situation in Dufar, Sudan will be expanded on, so that the reader is informed and educated as to weather the situation that is happening in Darfur is a genocide in contrast to a civil war. A Civil war is defined as a conflict between two parties within the same country. Genocide is defined as a deliberate and systematicRead MoreThe Conflict in Darfur and United States Involvement877 Words   |  4 PagesThe conflict in Darfur refers to the fighting that is happening in the western region of Sudan known as Darfur. These fights have been taking place since 2003 and have continued to today. Similarities can be made to the Rwandan Genocide; there is a government funded and armed militia that is not officially supported by the government that is killing a local population. The citizens of the region of Darfur that are being killed are not Arabic, like the majority of the rest of Sudan is, however, theyRead MoreGenocide in Darfur Essay1479 Words   |  6 PagesIn recent times, the media has highlighted the genocide that has been occurring in Darfur, Sudan. Darfur, Sudan is a country roughly the size of the state of Texas (Darfur Scores, n.d.). Genocide is the systematic k illing of an entire ethnic group of people from a national, ethnic, or religious group, or an attempt to do away with them all (Darfur Scores, n.d.). Beginning around 2003, according to Darfur Scores (n.d.), â€Å"the Sudanese government in Khartoum and the government-sponsored Janjaweed militiaRead MoreGenocide in Darfur Essay1531 Words   |  7 PagesHolocaust of Today: Genocide in Darfur By definition, genocide is â€Å"the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.† According to Eric Reeves, writer for the Sudan Tribune, genocide â€Å"encompasses not only the killing of members of a national, ethical, racial, or religious group, as such, but also deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or part.† Whatever genocide may be definedRead MoreDarfur Conflict Essay1350 Words   |  6 PagesMarch 23rd, 2013 The Darfur Conflict The government of Sudan, a country in Northeast Africa, is committing a horrendous crime against humanity. Genocide is raging on in Western Sudan against poor, helpless, innocent people. It is actually the ten year â€Å"anniversary† since the beginning of the Darfur conflict and the genocide still continues on. There are over 1.4 million people who still do not have homes to come back to, and the numbers stack higher every day. Bombings have not stopped, as thereRead MoreWhat Caused the Darfur Genocide? Essay894 Words   |  4 Pagesrebel movements- the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement took up arms against the Sudanese Government, accusing the failure to protect sedentary people from attacks by nomads and the marginalization of the area in Darfur. Darfur is a region in the western part of Sudan, where it is home to 6 million people from around 100 tribes. In response to the attack, the Janjaweed, which is the government-supported Arab tribesma n, raided non-Arab villages in Darfur to create a Pan-ArabRead MoreEssay about Darfurs Turning Point or Not1174 Words   |  5 PagesEvil can come in many different forms. Desmond Tutu claims this to be as he once said, â€Å"When people think of the sort of things that happen when genocide happens, its again not people who are intrinsically evil.† This quote by Desmond Tutu is a definition of evil because not everybody was born being evil it depends on a persons real nature. When many people think of evil they think of the people that they do not like or do not care for. Without people being evil are world would not be as it is todayRead MoreSudanese Government And State Sponsored Militia Carried Out The Darfur1641 Words   |  7 Pages Darfur is located in the western region of Sudan, adjacent to Chad and Central Africa. In early 2004, the Sudanese government and state sponsored militia carried out the Darfur genocide. The targets of the genocide were black African tribes. The genocide in Darfur has claimed approximately 300,000 lives and displaced over 3 million people. In response to these mass atrocities the international community took action, but many were dissatisfied with what seemed to be a lack of effort. Of the groupsRead MoreThe Genocide Still Going on in Darfur, Sudan Essay examples1048 Words   |  5 PagesNot everybody believes in genocides, other may have a different opinion or thoughts. Sometimes people don’t realize its genocide because they believe in what they are doing and they think there is no harm done because it’s not affecting them. To be taken away from your family, to go live somewhere else or to be killed can have a huge impact on your life. Genocides play a huge role i n the world; it has and will affect many people. In Darfur there is a genocide going on, it has been going on for a

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